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In 1980, IL-DO Tae Kwon Do was formed. “Ildo” means “One Way.” At IL-DO Taekwondo we use the traditional martial arts foundation of Character building. Through cultivating the mind and body and by training others through model behavior, we are raising respectable leaders for the purpose of civility.

It is Grand Master Chang Jin Kang’s mission through Taekwondo training, the true mindset of Taekwondo and hard work become a part of the lives of children and young people so that they may become leaders at the forefront of their generation.

  • Courtesy is an action symbolizing respect.
  • Integrity is Honesty.
  • We must persevere through physical, mental and spiritual trials to attain our personal improvement.
  • Controlled power is useful. Out of control is destructive.
  • Indomitable spirit is the moral strength to do what is necessary and right regardless of consequence.


9th Degree Black Belt

Grandmaster Chang Jin Kang has remained steadfast in his efforts to expand and strengthen Taekwondo both locally and worldwide. Il-Do Taekwondo has become a fixture for over 39 years in the city of Irvine — teaching thousands of students the techniques and life lessons that Taekwondo imparts.


However, for Grandmaster Kang this simply was not enough. He has created the first ever bachelor’s degree program in Taekwondo which at Concordia University parallels those programs only available at top universities in Korea. Concordia University is now the first institution to offer a bachelor’s degree course in Taekwondo outside of Korea. Not only in the U.S. but worldwide.


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Il-do Taekwondo
Heritage Plaza
7th Degree Black Belt

Master Daniel Kang has dedicated his life to the learning and teaching of Taekwondo. For nearly three decades he has been entrenched in the world of martial arts.

The son of Grandmaster Chang Jin Kang, Daniel inherited the legacy of his father and the desire to shape the lives around him through teaching.

Master Kang holds the rank of seventh degree black belt and has evolved into a dynamic competitor, compassionate teacher, and a shining example of the next generation of Taekwondo.


Elite Fitness Taekwondo
University Center
5th Degree Black Belt

Ms. Lois Shim graduated from the University of California at Irvine in 1998. She worked as a manager of Human Resources for UBS in New York City from 2000-2002. Ms. Shim then continued her experience as Human Resources manager for GMAC here in Orange County, CA. As the daughter of Grandmaster Kang and sister of Master Daniel, Ms. Shim has always made Taekwondo a significant part of her life. She brings a wealth of knowledge from her corporate experiences to Il-Do Taekwondo and continues to endear herself to both students and parents through teaching. Ms. Lois holds the rank of fifth degree black belt.


Elite Fitness Taekwondo
Woodbury Town Center
5th Degree Black Belt

Since an early age Mr. Yong Jin Park enjoyed all sports, especially Taekwondo. Mr. Park began his Taekwondo training in Korea at age 11 and attained his 1st degree Kukkiwon black belt in 1996. Throughout his childhood and young adult like, Taekwondo has given him strength & focus during difficult times. Mr. Park received his 2nd degree in 1996, 3rd degree in 2001, and his 4th degree Kukkiwon black belt in 2005. Mr. Park graduated from college with a Physical Education degree. He has been teaching Taekwondo for the last five years. Mr. Park is currently one of the main instructors at IL-DO Taekwondo.