Demo Team

As many of you know, here at Il- Do and Elite Fitness Taekwondo Schools, we offer a number of programs to enhance the physical and mental abilities of our students.   Among which, is our Demo Team; here, students perform traditional poomse, self-defense, acrobatic kicks and tricks, weapons, etc. in front of large audiences in Irvine.

On Friday, August 26th, we held our Demo Team Tryouts and were more than impressed by the students effort, skill, and enthusiasm.  All of our students did such a fantastic job that we decided to put our students through one more final test to determine which of the talented students would become members of this wonderful team!!! This Friday, students are asked to memorize and present a choreography the instructors put together in order earn their position on our demo team.  We wish all of our participants good luck and look forward to see all of their performances!!! 🙂

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